What does a binary network marketing pay plan look like for 2022

binary plan pay mlm network marketing

Simple two legs to work - left and a right. Then you work with your two and help them do the same. This pushes people under one another to build a successful business.

Why work harder when you can work smart in a binary pay plan that offers weekly pay, monthly bonuses and matching bonuses! Commissions on sales 10-40% plus earning FREE products.

* If you put in two people during weeks 1 and 2 and help those two to do the same then you will have six people in your business in the first month.

* Now take that same scenario for your people in the business. This will make your business grow in month two to eighteen people in your business at end of month two.

* Fast forward to month three and your at 54 people in your group or more. JOIN NOW

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